"Who Is Today?"

     Life with my mother, her dementia, and our healthcare system


My name is Anita Harvey and for the last sixteen years, my mother has lived with Alzheimer's disease, the first signs appearing long before she received a diagnosis.  As the years passed and her disease progressed, I watched my mother, the rock and foundation of my world, slowly lose the ability to care for herself or advocate for her well-being.  Our journey has been difficult but despite tragedy, frustration and doubt, I have learned much about being an effective advocate as our roles reversed and I became my mother's caregiver.

Angered by the shocking deficiencies and unexpected roadblocks in the healthcare system, I became an advocate and passionate supporter of the Alzheimer's Association. I felt compelled to share our story through my memoir "Who Is Today"   I have also written several articles for the Alzheimer's Association blog  in Washington (  The latest article is a Mother's Day Tribute "The Reason".

"Who Is Today?"  is available in both Kindle ( and print version (see link below).   Currently, all proceeds received are being donated to the Alzheimer's Association or to Senior Services.

About the Author:  Anita was born in western Washington and has lived in the area her entire life.  She is married to an incredibly supportive husband, Lyle.  She works as a production manager at a local, family owned company and has been with the same company for over 26 years.  She and her husband love and enjoy the beautiful outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.  Follow the blog for more of Anita's story